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"I have loved working for Raymond and Jacob over the past three years.  They have helped me in every possible way, and work with my schedule. I complete the East Coast run five days per week, and am home with my family almost every weekend."

"I am one of the newest drivers; being here one year and counting. Mile High was recommended to me by my friend Keith, who said it was the best trucking company he has ever worked for. He told me that everyone is very laid back, and if you need to talk to someone, they are always there to resolve any issues.  Keith also said he was able to make good money, while working 10 days – and then home.  For me, the best thing about working at Mile High, so far, has been the Safety Director, Rose."

"I am new to the organization after serving in the U.S. Army, and like the fact that I can use some of my existing skills in my new career. I have been in training with Kevin Johnson for the past several weeks, and am learning all the ins and outs of being a truck driver.  I enjoy the work and the company environment. I am also very excited about getting into my own truck very soon!"

Mile High is like having a second family and a second home.  I get along with everyone, and actually enjoy my job. Best of all, they give me the space to work as independently as possible

"I’ve been with Mile High for 12 years, and have driven over two million "accident free" miles.  I’m happy to work with this organization because of the trust they have in me.  They let me do my job.  I also get paid weekly, and receive all the miles I could want.  Leasing-to-own my truck has been made possible, thanks to Raymond Harris and Mile High."

"It is a great place to work.  I have been here six years. I run mostly local.  I tried to retire and go fishing, but I missed everyone at the office.  I love the family atmosphere and enjoy picking on the dispatch staff.  I also love bringing everyone some of my homemade brownies."

"We have been Team Drivers with Mile High since 2013.  They promised to provide good runs and plenty of miles, and they have kept their word.  The pay is good, and we enjoy getting paid every Friday.  We find the staff to be likeable, and the Christmas Parties are always a great time."

"I like working with Mile High, they’re like a family.  I have been with them since March 2017 but it seems a whole lot longer.  Everyone is very friendly and easy to get along with. They are owner operator friendly as I have my first truck with them."

"I am a Trucker and I have been driving for Mile High for 11 years now. I mostly drive to the West Coast, but I will go wherever they need me to go. I enjoy driving a truck. I am my own boss, I make good money and It has helped put two daughters through college. I used to own my own retail business, I was stressed all the time. Driving a truck is relaxing, I don’t have to worry if someone shows up for work or not. I can do what I want and get as many miles as I would like. The Dispatch team is GREAT!"

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