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Government stimulus checks; Ports banning cargo ships; Asian countries imposing restrictions; Coronavirus stimulus package; Staying out of the cab while loading/unloading

The following “Transportation Happenings” occurred during the past week that you may find of interest.

1. The Government will begin distributing money to Small Business Owners as of yesterday. I urge you to use this article as only guidance and to seek the professional advice of your Accountant or Tax Person for actual details which apply in your particular case. (See Attached)

2. Ports may bar Cargo Ships of all types if Members of the Crew are testing positive for Coronavirus. (See Attached)

3. Asian Countries are imposing new virus restrictions as cases of the Coronavirus reappear. (See Attached)

4. Information on the Coronavirus Stimulus Package. Again, use this article as information only. See Professional advice from your Accountant or Tax Person. (See Attached)

5. A Good Reason for not being in ones Cab when a container is being loaded/unloaded from a chassis behind. (See Attached)

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